Flyme 7

Delicate color, service-led interaction, and seamless animation design contribute to refined details and enhanced smoothness. Smart upgrades of One Mind deliver a more efficient system, increasing security for users. The brand new Flyme 7 delivers a better experience.

New Design

Flyme’s commitment to well-structured and attractive interface design makes Flyme 7 remarkable in terms of details. Sleeker lines, a better visual experience, and more customized options deliver a more powerful Flyme.


Clear, bright, rich, and vivid

Animation design Snowy

Dynamic and flexible details bring a new experience and more fun.

Efficient Experience

The intelligent engine One Mind combines different strategies by analyzing complex scenes. It has new engines for pairing with Bluetooth and also for recognizing frequently visited locations, images and characters, and application scenarios. It learns and analyzes user behaviors to provide intelligent and efficient services.

App Index

Fast search and instant start

The functions of categorizing, finding, and starting have been simplified. By sliding up and down the edges of Home screen, you can quickly find any app by its first letter. Then move to the target icon to launch the app. Single-handed operation has never been so easy.


Bubble Notification

Innovative interation and immersive experience

In a full-screen immersive scenario, chat message from mainstream apps are displayed in bubbles.


Face Unlock

Instant unlock when raising the screen

We worked with SenseTime, using its advanced computer vision and deep learning technologies to deliver a user-customized face unlocking function based on the liveness detection algorithm.

After the mobile phone collects your facial recognition dots and records your facial information, you can unlock the phone using your face. Verification and unlocking takes only 0.1s.


AI Beautification

The AI-based lighting for beautification is specifically designed for the MEIZU 15 series. The function intelligently recognizes gender, age, skin type, skin color, and facial features. It precisely reads facial features in 3D, and then matches the ideal beautification program. The studio-level smart lighting effects deliver a professional beautification function.

Portrait Backtrace

You can freeze frame, trace a portrait, and select the best facial expression for each person in the same live photo to get a perfect one.


Square Sound Effect

We developed this music sound effect in-house as part of our commitment
to offer high-quality sound effects. It contains four sound effects: 3D, power
bass, pure voice, and live music.

Smart Hearing Protection

When the earphone jack is inserted, the volume automatically reduces to the ideal level. If the volume is too high or you’ve listened to music for longer than is recommended, the system displays a reminder in a pop-up window.

Eye-friendly Mode

Having overcome hardware limits, the eye-friendly mode applying in all models filters blue light to ensure your eyes stay comfortable.
The eye-friendly color forest green is available on MEIZU PRO 7. The superior eye-friendly mode boosts the pleasure of reading.

Smart Light Perception

The screen brightness intelligently adjusts based on changes in the environment, angle, and point light. The AI-controlled dimming brings smoother changes in screen brightness and delivers a better reading experience.

Powerful Performance

The One Mind intelligent engine provides stronger strategies for system optimization for stability, high fluency and ultra-low power consumption. Lag-free is guaranteed.

Restore apps when there is an error

Restart without interrupting services

We use an advanced restore function when apps misbehave. When an app fails to run and goes to the background, the restore function automatically refreshes the app. Self-healing is completed without any manual diagnosis or action. This keeps your phone cool and lag-free.

System memory scavenger

Intelligent memory management for smooth running

The system identifies app processes and automatically frees memory from excessive use while ensuring enough memory remains to run the system. Background data is saved. You don’t need to wait for a restart when switching between apps.

One-tap to release memory

Optimization and smoothness beyond imagination

When clearing tasks in task manager, the system retains only basic service processes to maximally release memory.


Instant Start

Optimized over 300 scenarios including fingerprint unlock, gallery loading, video playback, and app installation. The overall system responsiveness is now 2 to 3 times higher.

VIP Channel

The system automatically detects the startup time and resource usage of apps. For an app taking a relatively long time to start, the system temporarily freezes other parallel processes to accelerate startup. By self-learning, it opens a VIP channel when the same app restarts. This boosts the startup speed of a frequently-used mobile phone by 20%.

In addition to system optimization, the R&D team has found ways to defend against malicious behaviors from third-party apps. For example, a series of schemes such as pop-up hosting, audio lock hosting, bright screen lock hosting, broadcast optimization, wakeup alignment, and process freezing and clearing are provided to cut off associated wake up of apps. It effectively solves the problem of rogue apps hiding as a music player and remaining active in the background and the pixel issues, reducing power and traffic consumption.

By utilizing One Mind's AI capabilities, Flyme delivers multiple effective and practical features and greatly improves system performance.One Mind is a platform-level AI capability that enables services to fully utilize AI. In the future, we will continue to research AI to deliver more powerful features and quality services.

Security Protection

The AI anti-virus engine enables more secure use by intelligently killing virus. Functions such as smart card and cleaner make you manage your mobile phone better

AI Anti-virus Engine

We worked with Tencent on a cutting-edge AI anti-virus engine that self-learns and analyzes virus features, and intelligently predicts and intercepts unknown viruses based on behavior.

Smart Card

The Security app analyzes the system and provides optimizable items to achieve efficient management with one-tap.


Powerful Cleaner

We added the app data scanning category to the mobile phone cleaner function. Files are categorized by app. For each cleaning, the junk files clearing rate increases by 26%.


Data Rescue

Quickly saves data in emergencies
In case of a system failure, you can export data in the storage disk through recovery.If the
mobile phone screen is off or broken, you can perform authentication by sending a code
through contacts in the address book. After authenticated, the phone will switch to MTP
mode to transfer data when connecting to a computer.